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Wedding Platform with Pinterest-Worthy Views!

Since we started working on our beautiful venue, we have planned to put in the perfect location for the bride and groom to take their vows. Well, we now have it installed! The platform is 24 feet wide by 12 feet deep. It has two steps up with plenty of room for all the attendants.

The project took place in a couple of phases. First, we did our best (with a tractor) to level the area. Then, we brought in dirt for both leveling purposes and to plant grass. Finally, the carpenter came out and built the entire platform in about three days.

After the platform was done, we spread more dirt both inside and outside the fence. The tractor driver dug a trench the entire length of the bridal path. Then, hubby and I installed pavers on either side of the pathway and hauled 10 tons (literally) of crusher fine to make the walkway.

It's been a labor of love, but our couples will love taking that walk down that aisle to the beautiful platform.

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