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Precious BOHO Couple, Ashley and Evan!

Ashley and Evan came to tour our facility while they were in town for a mini-vacation. They are both very outdoorsy, and were on their way to Santa Fe for hiking. According to Ashley, every time they come to New Mexico or go on hikes, they feel a connection that continually grows stronger.

Evan proposed to Ashley while they were hiking at Grindstone Lake, which is in the immediate area. He presented the ring in a box he made by hand. Ashley said, "It was absolutely perfect."

They were really hoping for snow on the ground, and while it was pretty cold (they handed out monogrammed blankets to their guests), the snow had melted at our venue. They were blessed, however, to have snow on the mountain behind them. Since I officiated this one, I got to hear their precious vows up close and personal. When the wind blew before the ceremony, Evan said to me, "My hair is blowing all over." The Mom in me stepped in and said, "Once you see your gorgeous bride, you won't think about your hair again."

Getting to connect with these lovely couples is mostly why we offer our home for weddings. We just love these folks, and we LOVE being a part of their special "forever" day.

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