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We're Officially Open!

Last Thursday, we had our Ruidoso Valley Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony and business after hours. It was a wonderful event, and those were the biggest scissors I've ever seen! About 75 people from many of the area businesses were on hand to help us celebrate our opening. The weather completely cooperated. I was a little worried because it rained earlier in the day. If you'd like to see the Facebook "Go Live," visit

Stan and I bartended, and there was plenty of food and drink to go around. People were amazed at the views we have up on our hill. We are continually amazed at them also!

So, we're now open for business, and things are moving. We have 6 events on the books, including 4 weddings, a rehearsal dinner, and a retirement party. There's no looking back now.

We are hosting a community open house on Saturday, June 5 from noon til 5. Please join us, tour the grounds, and enjoy the refreshments. Please park in the parking lot. We look forward to meeting many of you who follow us!

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