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First Wedding: A Success

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

El Sueño hosted its first wedding on July 10, 2021. The bride was stunning. The groom clearly adores her. Theirs is a blended marriage, and they even had a sand ceremony during their ceremony. Each child and both parents took a glass of differently colored sand and poured it into a glass box to blend themselves as one beautiful creation. It was truly a sweet addition to an already lovely wedding.

We learned a lot before and during that wedding. We realize how important a Wedding Planner can be to make the entire day go more smoothly. A few weeks before the wedding, the Planner timed how long it took the bride to walk down the aisle. It was 90 seconds. Then, she helped the bride determine how long it would take the entire wedding party to get down the aisle so that they would not run out of music too soon.

The Wedding Planner also handled issues that happened during the day. For example, we discovered at the last minute that the linens were the wrong size. Not to worry. The Wedding Planner reached out to contacts she has in the area and borrowed 10 round white tablecloths to go on the tables. While the bridal party was getting ready, we quickly put all the tablecloths on the tables and did the table decorations.

A Wedding Planner handles all the details during the day so you don't have to. She is well worth the additional cost. We have Wedding Planners on our website under "All the Details." Think seriously about utilizing a planner so that you're free to enjoy your day.

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